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  • Instant ChatGPT

  • Custom shortcuts

  • Tailored responses

  • Lifetime access

  • Use your OpenAI key

  • Access to history

  • Highly customizable

  • Get all future updates

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Founder, WebNamaste

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Perfect addition to ChatGPT. Now I can access ChatGPT on any site. Increases productivity and saves a ton of time. 👍
Csaba Kissi
Solopreneur, 25+ years experience
I have found QuickyAI to be an extremely time-saving Chrome extension that allows for rapid access to Chat GPT on any website. The floating menu is particularly useful in quickly adjusting the role and length of the answer as per our needs. I use it daily and thoroughly enjoy its capabilities. Moreover, the lifetime access for a one-time fee and the ability to run locally make it a no-brainer investment.
Shripal Soni
Content Creator
Love that QuickyAI is just a shortcut away anywhere I need it on the web 💜 Would recommend it for anything from helping you answer emails to rephrasing a paragraph in your blog that could sound better & everything in between. And if this wasn't enough, the support is stellar too ✨
Maker at CtrlAlt.CC
I love how simple and easy to use QuickyAI is, and the new feature for a pop up menu and custom hot keys is a huge quality of life update! Yes! I already sent it to all my friends telling them how useful this is!
Josh Q
AI Web Dev
I like how easy it is to use QuickyAI, it makes my work like easier. I've been using it everyday since I got it and I'll definitely recommend to my friends and friends!
Oloye Adeosun
Project Manager

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